Learn How To...


Here at The LINK, a number of jobs are required to be done that enable us to publish the magazine each month. Most of these require a modest amount of skill and can be easily learnt. We want to encourage readers to help us produce what we believe to be a magazine valued by the community. Without future 'succession' to some of the key roles, the future of The LINK is very vulnerable. 


We would like to encourage readers to volunteer to become a 'Shadow', that is someone who can learn what is required in a role before they do it for real. This will help those already doing these roles to know that there is someone they can turn to for help in the future. So do join us as a 'Shadow', most of the learning will be by discussion - probably aided by cups of tea or coffee, or perhaps something stronger! It's enjoyable and satisfying and you will be helping to secure the future of a valued magazine.

'Shadows' required for:

Main Editor

Village Editors

Distribution Manager

Advertising Manager



Company Secretary

Contact - editor@swlink.org.uk